Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a unique relationship of mutual support and commitment between local farmers and community members. Sustaining a farm business is challenging with the whims of Nature and upfront costs, and CSA is an economically viable way for small-scale farmers to produce high-quality food in an ecologically sustainable way. By participating in CSA, farm members receive nutritious local food and experience a responsible relationship with farmers, the food, and the land.

Learn more about CSAs in the Mendocino County Local Food Guide – Community Supported Agriculture.

Vegetable Share Distribution with Live Power Community Farm
Vegetable Share Distribution with Live Power Community Farm

Mendocino CSA Farm Tours 2014

Just as Mendocino County has varied microclimates and topography, there are a variety of CSAs to join. Each farmer has his or her own story to share. Each piece of land has its own history, unique soil, challenges, and gifts. No two CSA farms are alike, so explore the diversity of Mendocino County’s CSAs to find the right farm partnership for you!

Participating CSA Farms

  • Anderson Valley Community Farm
  • The Corn Crib
  • Floodgate Farm
  • Live Power Community Farm
  • Lovin’ Mama Farm
  • Mendocino Organics
  • Roseman Creek Ranch

Visit the Mendocino Local Food Guide’s CSA Directory to see a full list of CSAs and their offerings!

About CSA - Front

The Mendocino CSA Farm Tours are sponsored by the ‘Strengthening CSAs by Building Capacity and Expanding Markets Project‘ at  West Company. This project is funded by the USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program.


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